Knights' Kingdom

A DAO and Play-To-Earn Blockchain Game on Polygon

Royal Mission

Knights’ Kingdom is a DAO focused on blockchain game development.
Our aim is not only to create fun play-to-earn multiplayer games but to get the community involved through in-game content generation - all nobles of the court welcome!

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Kingdom Pass NFT

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Presale 15th Jan 2023

A Knights' Kingdom pass gives you access to the Kingdom DAO, barracks, arena and quests. Receive by minting:

  • Squire’s pack

    Includes a Kingdom Pass + 3x common characters.

  • Knight’s pack

    Includes a Kingdom Pass + 3x common characters, 2x rare characters - one of which has a chance of being a super-rare (limit of 1,000)

Whitelisted addresses can mint a week before the official release early 2023!
*Plans subject to change as development progresses

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Knights' Kingdom P2E Arena

Enter your minted knights into the arena to pit yourself against other players in this turn-based strategy game!

  • Compete

    Stake ETH or MATIC into the game for the winner to claim, anyone can host or join a game.

  • Upgrade

    Upgrade and mint new characters with Silver (ERC20) for a better chance to win!

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Arena preview

A preview of the arena gameplay

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Q4 2022

  • ✅ Create socials
  • ✅ Deploy website + whitelist
  • ☑️ Deploy smart contracts
  • ☑️ Prepare game for beta

Q1 2023

  • ☑️ Open minting
  • ☑️ Open arena beta
  • ☑️ Release arena
  • ☑️ Create quests

Q2 2023

  • ☑️ Arena expansion pack
  • ☑️ Plan and build second game
  • ☑️ Deploy new contracts
  • ☑️ Deploy new NFT’s

Q3 2023

  • ☑️ Expand Marketing (Collabs)
  • ☑️ Release second game
  • ☑️ Open community building
  • ☑️ Work on mobile app
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Staff Mytch


Founder, Blockchain & Game dev

Staff Jamison


Co-founder, Business lead, Infrastructure

Staff Mags


Social Media, Marketing